Broadcast Schedules

If you miss a show, don't freak out, you have other chances to hear both shows.   All Stations are available online.   Okay, you can freak out a little.  

 Sonic Bliss can be heard on these great stations 

Ann Arbor's 107one (Ann Arbor, Michigan) (Wellington, New Zealand)  

106.1 The Corner (Charlottesville, Virginia)

V104.3 FM (Hannibal, Missouri)

WKUR Radio,  (Kutztown, Pennsylvania) 

 Under The Radar Radio can be heard on these great stations 

Ann Arbor's 107one (Ann Arbor, Michigan) (Wellington, New Zealand)  

V104.3 FM (Hannibal, Missouri)

All Stations are available online

(all times are U.S. Eastern Standard Time)

9pm  Sonic Bliss WKUR Radio, Pennsylvania 

4am  Sonic Bliss  (10pm New Zealand, 8pm Sydney)

4am  Under The Radar Radio (10pm NZ, 8pm Sydney)

7pm  Under The Radar Radio V104.3 FM (6pm Missouri time)  
9pm  Sonic Bliss  (Sunday 3pm NZ, 1pm Sydney)

7pm  Under The Radar Radio  Ann Arbor's 107one
9pm  Sonic Bliss   Ann Arbor's 107one
9pm  Sonic Bliss  106.1 The Corner  
9pm  Sonic Bliss   V104.3 FM (8pm Missouri time)
11p   Under The Radar Radio (Monday 5pm NZ, 3pm Sydney)

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